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Unravel highly intricate biological systems with a focus on the details that matter.

10x Genomics builds solutions to interrogate biological systems at a resolution and scale that matches the complexity of the biology. Our integrated solutions enable you to dissect cell-type differences, detect novel cell subtypes and biomarkers, define gene regulatory interactions, and decipher spatial gene expression patterns.

Visium Spatial

Discover the spatial organization of gene expression

The Visium platform enables unbiased molecular profiling of frozen and fixed tissue sections, simple tissue handling, sensitive gene detection, and user-friendly software for visualizing gene expression.

Xenium In Situ

High-performance in situ from the single cell leader

Characterize 100s to 1,000s of RNAs and multiplexed proteins in cells and tissues.

Xenium builds on our years of innovation in single cell and spatial technologies to deliver the most advanced end-to-end high-plex in situ platform on the market.

The purpose-built design streamlines the pathway from tissue section to data with an automated analyzer, curated and/or custom panels, and intuitive visualization and analysis software.

Xenium Analyzer integrates high-resolution imaging and onboard data analysis enabling the processing of 400 mm² of tissue in <50 hrs (with nuclei-based segmentation).

Chromium Single Cell

A platform as diverse as your cells

The Chromium Single Cell platform is designed to help make single cell studies accessible, approachable, and straightforward for everyone.

Versatile assays are part of end-to-end workflows that combine with our user-friendly instruments and intuitive software for efficient cell partitioning, barcoding and data analysis.

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