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AI-powered pathology anywhere, anytime

Aiosyn develops and integrates AI pathology solutions into standard pathology workflows, empowering pathologists to make their work more accurate, efficient and effective.

Achieve more perspective with Aiosyn’s AI-powered technology

Aiosyn develops software solutions that use state-of-the-art computational pathology technology to improve clinical decision-making and accelerate drug development.

By integrating AI-powered pathology algorithms seamlessly into standard pathology workflows, Aiosyn empowers pathologists with new insights.

Supporting pathologists with more accurate and efficient clinical decision-making

Aiosyn provides solutions for clinical diagnostics that address workflow inefficiencies by streamlining the pathological examination process, enhancing overall quality, and reducing costs. By leveraging advanced AI-powered algorithms, we provide support to pathology laboratories, enabling them to make more precise and efficient clinical decisions.

Advancing drug development with AI pathology solutions

Aiosyn provides CROs and biopharma organizations with cutting-edge tools that harness the power of deep learning to identify novel pathology-based biomarkers that can accelerate drug development.

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