Deep Bio successfully integrates DeepDx® Prostate algorithm into HALO AP® platform from Indica Labs

DeepDx® prostate algorithm results shown in the HALO AP® platform.

Deep Bio successfully integrates DeepDx® Prostate algorithm into HALO AP® platform from Indica Labs

SEOUL, South Korea and ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.Aug. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Deep Bio, a company concentrating on SaMD (Software as a Medical Device) for digital pathology, offering clinically validated, AI-based DeepDx® algorithms, and Indica Labs, a leading provider of computational pathology software and services, are excited to announce the successful integration of the DeepDx® Prostate algorithm into the HALO AP® platform from Indica Labs.

DeepDx® Prostate is a CE-marked, AI-based image analysis algorithm that detects prostate cancer in core needle biopsies and grades their severity according to the Gleason scoring system. DeepDx® Prostate is designed to alleviate the shortage of pathologists and their heavy workload, while reducing diagnostic subjectivity and variability. Validation testing of the DeepDx® algorithm, published in Modern Pathology 2022, demonstrated 99% sensitivity and 97% specificity. The algorithm is also extensively tested in real clinical workflows, analyzing over 700,000 cores between 2019 and 2021.

The HALO AP® platform was developed by Indica Labs to address the specific needs of anatomic pathology labs by supporting a wide range of tissue-based workflows, including primary diagnosis, secondary consults, tumor boards, clinical trials, synoptic reporting, quantitative analytics, and AI. HALO AP® incorporates state-of-the-art workflow management tools allowing users to easily integrate quantitative analytics and AI tools built using HALO®, HALO AI™ and third-party algorithms, such as DeepDx®. To simplify integration, a HALO AP® analysis software development kit (SDK) including sample code is available to all algorithm developers. One of the key advantages of HALO AP® is the ability to deliver AI algorithms in an automated, stepwise workflow that can be locked, secured, and audited to prevent tampering or misuse.

DeepDx® Prostate analysis can be triggered directly in HALO AP® by selecting the DeepDx® workflow or run automatically via the HALO AP® API. Analysis progress, all results, and visual markup images can be reviewed in HALO AP®, removing the need to shift between systems.

Steven Hashagen, CEO at Indica Labs commented, “As digital pathology continues to enable AI-based workflows, we’ve recognized that to increase efficiency, case management systems like HALO AP® must support full integration of algorithms without sacrificing usability. The integration between DeepDx® and HALO AP® demonstrates how any algorithm vendor can leverage HALO AP® to deliver clinically relevant results directly within the pathologists’ viewing software, eliminating the need for an AI-specific viewer.”

Sun Woo Kim, CEO at Deep Bio commented, “Deep Bio’s partnership with Indica Labs is a step closer to our vision and goal of providing diagnostic support tools for pathologists and oncologists, for timely and accurate diagnosis and prognosis, leading to better treatment decision-making. We believe DeepDx® Prostate is a powerful addition to the robust clinical workflow afforded by HALO AP.”

To learn more about analyzing prostate cores with DeepDx® Prostate in HALO AP®, contact Deep Bio at for a full demonstration.

About Deep Bio, Inc.

Deep Bio Inc. is an AI healthcare company with in-house expertise in deep learning and cancer pathology. Our vision is to radically improve efficiency and accuracy of pathologic cancer diagnosis and prognosis, by equipping pathologists with deep learning-based IVD SaMDs (In Vitro Diagnostics Software as a Medical Device), for optimal cancer treatment decisions. Deep Bio is actively engaged in the research space and participating in ongoing collaborations with top US medical centers. To learn more, visit

About Indica Labs, Inc.

Indica Labs is the world’s leading provider of computational pathology software and image analysis services. Our flagship HALO® and HALO AI™ platform facilitates quantitative evaluation of digital pathology images. HALO Link™ facilitates research-focused image management and collaboration while HALO AP® enables collaborative clinical case review. Our Pharma Services team leverages all our image analysis platforms to partner with you to advance tissue-based research, clinical trials, and diagnostics.

For more information, visit Deep Bio.

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