Motic Launches the NEW MoticFlow Teleconsultation Platform – To Enable Remote Case-sharing And Consultations

Moticflow - Digital Pathology

Motic Digital Pathology launches a cloud-based workflow solution that integrates with whole slide scanners to enable service expansion through remote pathology.

SAN FRANCISCO — launches its NEW MoticFlow telepathology platform, a cloud-based system for consultation, case-sharing and peer review using digital slides. With it’s new intuitive UI, MoticFlow makes case management and collaboration easier than ever. The platform connects pathologists,patients, and laboratories around the world, supporting most slide formats on the market. We provide a turnkey solution for multi-site management, international projects, and other collaborative pathology, especially amidst the challenges of COVID-19.

Remote pathology platforms have been a keen interest of many health organizations and groups since the advent of whole-slide imaging (WSI). With both global and local travel severely restricted by the current pandemic, the need for a proven and reliable cloud platform for remote work is more important than ever.

Since 2018, MoticFlow has powered remote secondary consultations for the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) for the Partners for Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Initiative, connecting hospitals primarily in Africa with pathology experts in the US. The platform provides a robust and functional interface for immediate diagnostic support, and has facilitated pathologist-to-pathologist collaboration for thousands of cases, drastically improving quality of care and patient outcomes. In Rwanda, more than 95% of biopsied patients have access to ASCP consultants.

We are very excited to introduce the newest UI teleconsultation platform to the global pathology community: MoticFlow has been the core platform for all of Motic’s consultation projects in North America and Asia for the last decade, and we have fine-tuned its workflow to meet the needs of the global market,” said Motic’s Director of Digital Pathology, Nicholas Chan. “With the challenges faced by our colleagues around the world from the pandemic, it quickly became our top priority to make the platform available to support and empower pathologists through these trying times.

The Whole Slide Imaging capabilities of MoticEasyScan scanners are available to support the pathologist workflow during the COVID-19 pandemic, as recommended by the FDA.

Motic continues to evolve their case management platform to adapt to the changing needs of the pathology community. The end-to-end platform consisting of a Motic WSI system, image server, and MoticFlow has seen increased global adoption in the last three years.

ABOUT MOTIC DIGITAL PATHOLOGY Motic Digital Pathology addresses the growing global pathology care gap by making digital medicine approachable for hospitals, labs, and doctors everywhere. We promote the adoption of telepathology through our innovative, cost-effective solutions developed directly in conjunction with partner pathologists.

As the medical division of Motic, a leader in the field of optics since 1988, we are part of a global company innovating for a better tomorrow. Our whole slide scanning and image management systems have now been deployed for millions of cases worldwide, and our philanthropic initiatives leverage digital pathology technologies to solve today’s most pressing and under-resourced health problems.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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