Ultivue and ngTMA® Announce Collaborative Agreement to Provide Multiplex and Spatial Analysis for Clinical Research

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. & BERN, Switzerland–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ultivue, Inc. an industry leader in multiplexing tools and novel image analysis solutions for tissue biomarker studies and, the Translational Research Unit (TRU) platform of University of Bern, that develops novel workflows for tissue microarray (ngTMA®) construction, announce a collaborative agreement to promote multiplexed immunofluorescence (mIF) assays and the use of next generation TMAs to unlock spatial analysis in scientific research and improve the quality of TMAs integrated in clinical and translational research.

Ultivue develops unique solutions for use in mIF applications, imaging, and spatial phenomics. Its proprietary InSituPlex® technology enabling improved signal to noise data is designed for fast and comprehensive exploration of biologically relevant targets, up to 12-plex, with same slide-H&E analysis in tissue samples combines the power of computational pathology & spatial biology to guide translational science in immuno-oncology.

ngTMA® supports research collaborators with an interdisciplinary approach to studying tumor biology and disease states. Services include scientific consulting and TMA design, digital slide annotation, automated tissue punching and documentation for quality control. The ngTMA® platform is embedded in an innovative research framework and as part of the Translational Research Unit (TRU), Institute of Pathology, University of Bern, with expertise in tissue-related technologies.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with ngTMA® to jointly empower biopharma customers with tissue multiplex services. In addition, our scientific collaboration will investigate the relevance of the tumor microenvironment by characterizing clinically well-annotated cohorts using Ultivue reagents at ngTMA,” said Florian Leiss, Ph.D. Vice President Product Strategy & Corporate Development at Ultivue.

“We are very excited to join forces with the Ultivue team and have their reagents in our pipeline in order to support translational research of our collaborators,” Said Paulina Brönnimann, PhD, Head of Translational Research Unit.

About the Translational Research Unit and ngTMA®

TRU is a core facility at the Institute of Pathology at the University of Bern, providing human and animal tissue-related services with expertise in histology, tissue visualization, digital pathology, image analysis and construction of next-generation Tissue Microarrays.

About Ultivue

Ultivue provides researchers and scientists in translational medicine with multiplex biomarker assays for tissue phenotyping and digital pathology. Its proprietary InSituPlex® technology enables advanced exploration and interrogation of tissue samples for precision medicine research. These highly customizable solutions coupled with our scientific consultative approach strengthen and accelerate biomarker discovery and drug development programs. Learn more about Ultivue.


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