13th Belgian Week of Pathology | Brussels | 20-21 October 2023

Join BSP for the 13th edition of the Belgian Week of Pathology.

The Belgian Society of Pathology (BSP) are pleased to announce the 13th edition of the Belgian Week of Pathology (BWP), which will be held at the Tangla Hotel in Brussels, on October 20-21, 2023.

BSP aim to continue their previous success with including distinguished national and international guests, the professional organization of the conference and their partners from the industry all within their educational program. The BWP provides an environment where pathologist can share knowledge, insights and experiences that will enhance their activities for the benefits of the patients.

What to expect from this event:

  • The Keynote topic of this BWP 2023 will be on Inflammatory Skin Pathology. The Keynote lecture will be given by Dr. Steven Billings from the Cleveland Clinic. Dr. Billings is an internationally known dermatopathologists, who is also an author of many dermatopathology books.
  • The Educational Grant Symposium will host this year a special topic about sustainable development in pathology, moderated by dr. Ivan Theate.
  • Prof. Dr. Jason Hornick from the Brigham & Women’s Hospital (Harvard Medical School) in Boston, an important figure in the pathology world around the globe, in expected to be in attendance.
  • The program will also cover the new WHO classification of neuroendocrine tumors. Dr. G. Rindi (Italy) will focus mostly on neuroendocrine tumors of the lung, while Prof. Dr. J-Y. Scoazec (France) on the gastrointestinal neuroendocrine tumors. Dr. J. Goodlad (United Kingdom) will elaborate on the cutaneous lymphoproliferations.
  • Residents are encouraged to present their work by submitting abstracts for poster and oral free presentation. Multiple prizes are to be be awarded for excellent research but also for presenting interesting and difficult cases.
  • Friday night we will be the Pathology Congress Dinner at the Tangla Hotel. This diner is an equally important event for the conference, as it is an excellent opportunity for colleagues to reunite and to meet the guest speakers in person. Make sure to reserve your place!
  • Last but not least, expect to meet many of BWP 2023’s partners from the industry.
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