2022 is upon us – are you itching to get to a live conference? You’re in luck!

2022 is loading

Burned out on Zoom? Fed up with online webinars and conferences?

For anyone who enjoys networking and meeting up with real humans to talk science and technology face-to-face,  2020 and 2021 was a bit of a slog.  Luckily, a growing number of conferences with a significant component focusing on digital pathology, computational pathology & AI are planning to be in-person (or combination in-person and digital) format. If you just can’t wait to GET OUT THERE, here are a few you might want to check out starting as early as January 2022.

AI Med 2022: Laguna Niguel, CA USA | January 18-20

The AI Med Summit is back reformed, refreshed and ready to go. Top of the agenda is practical implem

Spie Medical Imaging Conference
SPIE Medical Imaging : San Diego, CA USA | February 20-24

SPIE Medical Imaging is the meeting where information is shared about image processing, physics, com

Tricon 2022
28th Molecular & Precision Medicine TRI-CON: Virtual and Live in San Diego, CA USA | February 21-23

Come to sunny San Diego for the in-person networking you’ve come to expect from the Tri-Conference

uscap 2022
111th Annual Meeting USCAP : Los Angeles, CA USA | March 19-24

USCAP returns to Los Angeles to connect with novel information, intellectual stimulation, and a rein

Intelligent Health 2022: London, UK | April 6-7

The motto for the ECP 2022 - The Art of Next Generation Pathology - encompasses the broad range of

Executive War College
Executive War College: New Orleans, LA USA | April 26-28

Register to attend the annual Executive War College, the one event in 2022 that is a must-attend for

Pathology Informatics Summit: Pittsburgh, PA USA | May 9-12

The Pathology Informatics Summit 2022 Meeting will continue its tradition of assembling the top th

digital pathology and ai conference new york
8th Digital Pathology & AI Congress: NYC, USA | June 14-15, 2022

The Digital Pathology & AI Congress Europe presents the latest advances and applications of digital

18th European Congress on Digital Pathology : Berlin, Germany | June 15-18

This year’s focus will be on the integration of histology, molecular pathology and clinical data t

34th European Congress of Pathology: Basel, Switzerland | September 3-7

The motto for the ECP 2022 - The Art of Next Generation Pathology - encompasses the broad range of

Pathology Visions 2022: Las Vegas, NV USA | October 16-18

The Pathology Visions Conference will give you the opportunity to learn about real-world, practical

International Conference on Digital Pathology 2022: Paris, France | November 18-19

The International Conference on Digital Pathology aims to bring together leading academic scientists

Not quite ready for in-person events? 

Head on over to the Events page for a full filterable list of upcoming 2022 Conference.

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