2nd ISBC: International Spatial Biology Congress – The Next Frontier | Rotterdam | 6-7 July

The International Spatial Biology Congress returns to The Netherlands, and brings together over 20 presentations and interactive discussions to dive deeper into the latest spatial technologies and research. It will explore how using spatial multi-omics advances the discovery of novel molecular insights in oncology, immunology, neurology, and infectious disease, as well as the future opportunities of this rapidly developing field.

Presentations featuring ground-breaking research will show how spatial information is generated for the most complex systems, and how these can translate into future research and clinical intervention opportunities. There will be opportunities to discover the latest computational techniques, understand the importance of high-quality spatial data, and explore Spatial Multi-omics applications for the tumour microenvironment. Once again space is made in the program for emerging young researchers to showcase their work.

What they said about the 2022 meeting:

“I got a clear overview of where researchers are at this moment in the field of spatial analysis”
“A good mixture of speakers from research and industry”
Covered a variety of applications of spatial biology techniques in different fields and diseases”

How You Will Benefit

  • Debate how Multiplexed tissue imaging and spatial analysis may accelerate drug development.
  • Learn how you can use spatial multi-omics approaches to investigate the ancestral basis of breast cancer.
  • Discover how microscopy-based functional single-cell sequencing (FUNseq) and analysis technologies, have been applied to subtype heterogeneous populations of cells and used tp link tumorigenic phenotypes to causative genotypes.
  • Review new metabolomics technologies and how they are shaping medical diagnosis and our understanding of new biochemical pathways.
  • Understand the Lessons learned from cross-spatial transcriptomics platform comparison for cancer research.
  • Explore topographic biomarkers and the tools to find them.
  • Join our sponsored breakfast workshops led by Ionpath (July 6) and Akoya Bioscience (July 7)
  • Attend the networking drinks reception.
  • Give a poster presentation
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