Digital Pathology & AI Conference: Asia | Singapore | September 10-11

Location: Singapore

Date: 10 Sep 2024 to 11 Sep 2024

The 8th Digital Pathology and AI Congress Asia brings together the pioneers at the point where digital pathology and artificial intelligence converge. KOLs will present a dynamic interchange of innovative breakthroughs and transformative ideas poised to reshape healthcare’s landscape.

Whether you are looking to hear more about the adoption and integration of digital pathology, seeking collaborations and tools to increase workflow or uncover the latest developments in automated image analysis, the congress is one not to be missed!

This edition will be co-hosted with Bioinformatics Institute (BII). Read the open letter, Embarking on the Era of Digital Pathology and AI: Unveiling the Future of AI Digital Pathology, from BII here.

BII is a cornerstone in bioinformatics under the umbrella of the Biomedical Research Council (BMRC) of A*STAR, has consistently championed computational biology and bioinformatics-driven research and innovation. This research pivots towards unravelling the biomolecular intricacies that underpin biological processes.

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