Digitizing Diverse Pathology Data for Future-Ready Labs: More than Just Whole Slide Imaging (WSI)

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3 pm Korea / Japan | 2 pm Singapore / Hong Kong | 4 pm Australia | 10.30 am India | 7 am United Kingdom

Presentation Summary:

Pathology labs generate vast amounts of data every day, which goes beyond just glass slides. This data encompasses gross pathology specimen photos, image annotations, patient information, diagnostic reports, and more. By seamlessly integrating digitisation into everyday workflows, pathologists can enhance their diagnostic efficiency and build the foundation for AI model development, strengthening the drive towards a comprehensive digital transformation. This presentation will showcase examples of utilising digital workflows, from the macroscopic examination of both surgically and endoscopically resected specimens, to the generation of diagnostic reports and development of AI models.

Learning Objectives:

1. Understand the extensive nature of pathology data and the benefits of its thorough digitisation for enhanced work efficiency.

2. Recognise the role of digitised pathology data in AI model development and its potential to drive a full-scale digital evolution.

Speaker Biography:

Dr Tsuyama is a board-certified pathologist with over 15 years of clinical experience. She received training in cancer diagnostics, specialising in hematopathology, at the Cancer Institute Hospital of the Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research in Tokyo. Since 2018, this institute has been developing the Innovative AI Hospital System as part of a national project, aiming to incorporate AI into clinical practice and extend its benefits to various medical service providers. Dr Tsuyama plays a crucial role in integrating the digital pathology system with laboratory and hospital infrastructures, elevating the efficiency of pathology workflows, and leading the development of an AI-assisted support system for diagnostics.

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