12th Emirates Pathology & Digital Pathology Conference | Dec 21-23, 2022.

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12th Emirates Pathology & Digital Pathology Conference | Dec 21-23, 2022

12th Emirates Pathology & Digital Pathology Utilitarian Conference 2022 Dubai United Arab Emirates

UCGConferences  will provide you with the opportunity to learn about real-world, practical applications in the field of digital pathology, which is constantly growing. The annual meeting of the Digital Pathology UCGConferences will provide you with direct access to industry experts as well as a variety of cutting-edge workshops with renowned trade visionaries.

This conference is an excellent opportunity for global networking, interchanging of ideas that consolidate prompt keynotes, Poster presentations, Colloquiums, Workshops, Young Researcher’s Forum on advanced technologies in Digital Pathology.

Delegates, Industrialists to share the knowledge, experience, challenges, innovations and trends encountered in the field of Digital Pathology and Breast Pathology. It provides a great platform for more than 70+ international and regional Speakers and our experts will deliver innovative speeches. Cutting edge talks, electrifying lectures, interactive sessions on emerging research, and live demonstrations.

Pathology Conference 2023 seeks to bring together professionals, industrialists, and students from the pathology research community to share their latest breakthroughs and applications, as well as engage in interactive discussions and technical seminars. Companies and/or universities will also be able to offer their services, products, innovations, and research findings during the Conferences. On the occasion of this wonderful event, we cordially welcome participants from all around the world to join us

Digital pathology is quickly gaining traction as a tried-and-true technology. With special emphasis on education, tissue-based research, medication development, and human pathology practise around the world.

We have an exciting and informative program at the Pathology Congress that will allow the participants to reflect upon and celebrate our accomplishments, renew collaboration and extend their networking, and to investigate current and future research in a particular direction.

Pathology Conference Program will encourage discussions and hope to inspire members from a wide array of themes to initiate networking and collaboration within and across disciplines for the advancement of the Pathology field. 12EPUCG2023 will be a great conference for sharing the latest insights of both academic and industrial research.

The objective of this unique Digital Pathology conference is to promote the highest standards of pathology in management. The Conference aims to equip young research talents with knowledge about recent developments, advance the effectiveness of pathology.








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