Pathology Visions 2022: Las Vegas, NV USA | October 16-18

Pathology Visions 2022

Pathology Visions 2022: Las Vegas, NV USA | October 16-18, 2022


The Pathology Visions Conference will give you the opportunity to learn about real-world, practical applications in the ever-evolving field of digital pathology. The Digital Pathology Association’s annual meeting will give you direct access to industry leaders, your choice of cutting-edge workshops with distinguished trade visionaries, the chance to see the latest product solutions, and much more.

Conference Objectives:

  1. Understand the basics of artificial intelligence and digital imaging
  2. Appreciate the importance of AI for digital pathology practice
  3. Recognize what digital pathology is and how it can be used in the practice of pathology
  4. Identify the barriers, risks and challenges to implementing digital pathology
  5. Discuss current applications of digital pathology for research, education and clinical uses
  6. Describe the impact of digital pathology on standard pathology practice workflow
  7. Discuss the various analytic algorithms that can be applied to digital pathology and how they are best implemented
  8. Defend the important niche applications of digital pathology and how they might be applicable to individual practice settings.
  9. Demonstrate how to evaluate digital slide scanners and supporting software in order to maximize your investment
  10. Identify the key drivers to adoption of whole slide imaging
  11. State the challenges associated with interfacing a digital pathology system to an anatomic pathology information system
  12. Understand the current regulatory environment, in particular the FDA’s rulings concerning the use of digital pathology for primary diagnosis

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