A Glimpse Into The 10th Digital Pathology & AI Congress

By Sidney Ocanagil, Marketing Director at Pathology News


The 10th Digital Pathology & AI Congress, held at the Intercontinental in London, is considered to be one of the most eagerly anticipated and renowned conferences in the field of digital pathology. Spanning December 7-8, 2023, this event showcased the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and digital pathology, attracting a broad spectrum of professionals and digital pathology enthusiasts.

Conference Atmosphere and Key Discussions

The conference atmosphere was a blend of formal engagement and friendly interaction, with familiar faces from various companies contributing to the discussions. Key topics addressed pressing questions in digital pathology, such as storage challenges for whole-slide imaging, the role of IT professionals, the focus on ROI, digital transformation insights from other industries, and enhancing the tech-medicine connection.

Bytes and Beverages: A Networking Success

In conjunction with the conference, Pathology News alongside partners, Lumea hosted the “Bytes and Beverages” social mixer. This event, overlooking the Thames with a stunning skyline view, provided an ideal setting for attendees to network and discuss the day’s learnings. The event was well-received, with around 90 guests enjoying an open bar and food, extending discussions late into the night. Attendance to “Bytes and Beverages” was restricted to Pathology News members, partners, and select invitees from Lumea.

“Hosting our first social mixer at the Digital Pathology & AI Congress, in collaboration with our partner Lumea, marked a significant milestone for Pathology News,” remarked Jonathan Tunstall, CEO and Founder.

“I feel proud that we can give back to our community who share our goals of improving patient care through the wider scale adoption of digital pathology.”

“The event’s success, evidenced by the attendance of both our members and partners, highlights our commitment to this evolving niche. The positive feedback and strong turnout have been encouraging, and we look forward to organizing more events like this.”

Venue Shift: Meeting Growing Interests

The shift from the Marriott at Heathrow to the more spacious Intercontinental next to the O2 Arena was a strategic response by Global Engage to the increasing footfall and interest around digital pathology. The event’s relocation not only offered larger spaces for the increased audience but also enhanced convenience. Attendees appreciated the abundance of bars and dining options available in much closer proximity than at the previous venue, adding to the event’s overall positive experience.


The 10th Digital Pathology & AI Congress not only highlighted the latest innovations in the field but also provided a platform for meaningful discussions and networking. The event’s success and the enthusiastic participation underscore the expanding interest and potential in digital pathology and AI.

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