Aiosyn Unveils First Results of Independent Clinical Study: Improved Efficiency and Consistency in Mitosis Counting with Aiosyn Mitosis Breast

Aiosyn is proud to announce the first results of an independent clinical performance study conducted for its Aiosyn Mitosis Breast solution. This study was performed at Radboud university medical center (Nijmegen, the Netherlands) and involved a diverse group of certified pathologists from around the globe.

Counting mitoses in histology slides represents a crucial aspect of assessing tumor proliferation rates and plays a pivotal role in cancer grading. Aiosyn Mitosis Breast is designed to assist pathologists in this tedious and subjective task, offering laboratories an AI-powered solution that significantly increases efficiency and consistency of results.

Wouter Bulten, Chief Innovation Officer of Aiosyn: “I am delighted that we finalized this clinical validation study with Radboudumc. It was an immense project with 28 pathologists from 9 countries participating. Great to see how AI can benefit pathologists in a real clinical setting!”

The study revealed that 75% of participants experienced improved efficiency when supported by Aiosyn Mitosis Breast. On average, pathologists demonstrated a 15.5% increase in productivity while reviewing resections. Importantly, this boost in efficiency was achieved without compromising accuracy. In addition, the algorithm significantly reduced inter-observer variability, resulting in a 32.6% enhancement in consistency among pathologists.

With over 90% of surveyed pathologists expressing their interest in integrating the algorithm into their daily practice, Aiosyn and Radboud university medical center look forward to sharing these groundbreaking findings with the wider medical community as the team prepares for publication.


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