Aiosyn’s AI-powered Quality Control For Digital Pathology Slides Is Now Available In Sectra Amplifier Marketplace

Nijmegen – Aiosyn, a software company that develops AI-powered pathology software, has announced the integration of its AI-powered automated quality control (QC) algorithm in the Sectra Amplifier Marketplace. Through the Sectra platform, pathology laboratories can now easily access and integrate AiosynQC into their workflow.

The Sectra Amplifier Marketplace is a platform that offers a comprehensive range of pathology and radiology AI applications, making them accessible to a large number of hospitals and laboratories worldwide. One of the latest additions is AiosynQC, which automatically recognizes and flags the most common artifacts in histology slide images to improve the quality and speed of the digital pathology workflow.

“The availability of AiosynQC in the Sectra Amplifier Marketplace marks an important step in our mission to develop and integrate algorithms into standard pathology workflows.” said Patrick de Boer, CEO of Aiosyn.

AiosynQC is a modular and flexible software offered as a service solution that can be integrated into existing digital pathology software and deployed through the cloud or on-premise installation. The product helps laboratories to ensure that only high-quality images are used by pathologists, technicians, and researchers. By flagging cases before presentation to a pathologist, the algorithm reduces the time that is currently used to manually check for artifacts in whole slide images, thereby improving the efficiency of the QC process.

With AiosynQC being available through the Sectra platform, more pathology laboratories can now benefit from this automated quality control solution. Aiosyn is dedicated to expanding its portfolio of deep learning algorithms, which are currently being developed for different pathologies, and integrating them into the Sectra Amplifier Marketplace.


About Aiosyn

Aiosyn is a Dutch medical software company that develops AI-powered pathology solutions that will be integrated into standard pathology workflows. The Aiosyn team has been built upon 20+ years of research experience in the field of pathology and is rooted into the pathology practice.


AiosynQC  can only be used in the European Union and the United Kingdom. In the EU and the UK, AiosynQC is not considered a medical device under European IVDR and UK MDR 2002 legislation, respectively. AiosynQC is not intended to be used as an accessory to, nor is it necessary to be used in combination with any AI or other medical devices to specifically enable them to meet their intended purpose or directly assist in their functionality.


Anna Correas, Marketing & Communications Specialist at Aiosyn

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