Case Study: Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Partnership With Diagnexia

Bedfordshire Hospital NHSFT, working against the challenges of increased case complexity and COVID-19 impacts, sought Diagnexia’s off-site histopathology reporting services to improve turnaround times for diagnostic reports.

The Trust is starting to see the advantages of Diagnexia’s efficient tailored communication and high-quality reports. This is expected to lead to further progress in achieving KPIs and improving patient care.


The Story of Bedfordshire Hospitals

Bedfordshire Hospitals, a healthcare institution impacted by the pandemic, faced significant challenges in meeting patient needs and maintaining operational KPIs. With a 33% increase in cases and more complex conditions, the Trust needed a reliable partner to manage the growing demand for diagnostic services.

The Opportunity

Before partnering with Diagnexia, Bedfordshire Hospitals faced the dual challenge increasing workloads and staff shortages that substantially impacted their KPI’s. The Trust’s previous attempts with on-site agency staff and another off-site reporting company had been unsatisfactory, leading them to seek a service that could offer rapid, high-quality diagnostic reporting.

Overcoming previous outsourcing difficulties, Diagnexia distinguishes itself with its advanced digital diagnostic reporting capabilities and enhanced tailored service offerings.

Their responsive and solution-oriented approach resonated with the Trust’s needs, fostering a partnership that is already showing promising outcomes. This collaboration reflects Diagnexia’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology in pathology services, ensuring accurate, efficient, and high-quality diagnostic support to NHS Hospitals.

How Diagnexia Responded

Diagnexia provided a swift response to reporting cases, often within a day, including weekends. The communication was efficient, and they showed adaptability to the specific needs of trusts.

The Results

Bedfordshire Hospitals chose Diagnexia for its advanced approach to digital histopathology diagnostics, marked by outstanding communication, swift report delivery, and high-quality results. This decision came as a response to Diagnexia’s proficiency in overcoming previous outsourcing challenges, showcasing their superior digital diagnostic reporting and customised service offerings. Their proactive and solution-focused methods have closely aligned with the Trust’s requirements, fostering a productive partnership.

The collaboration, which began in May, initially involved Bedford Hospital and later expanded to the Luton and Dunstable site. Starting with a 3-week pilot to manage low volumes, Diagnexia’s role has since grown significantly due to the successful integration and outcomes. Now, Diagnexia handles a significant portion of the Trust’s histopathology reporting, a strategic increase that has been crucial in addressing the changing needs of patients while upholding high operational standards.

A key achievement of this partnership is the improved turnaround time for diagnostic reports, with cases sent on Fridays now consistently reported by the following Monday. This efficiency boost is a testament to the effectiveness of the collaboration.

The expertise of Diagnexia’s team is evident, as each pathologist is not only actively involved in their respective subspecialty EQA programs but also engaged in Specialist Registrar roles. This demonstrates their dedication to delivering services with unmatched accuracy and expertise.

Overall, this collaboration underscores Diagnexia’s commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology in pathology services, ensuring precise, efficient, and superior diagnostic support for NHS Hospitals.

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