Clinical Pathologists Can Now Utilize Dual Staining with BOND ChromoPlex II Dual Detection Kit, Reducing Need for Patient Re-biopsy

Leica Biosystems new dual detection kit enables clinicians to get more information out of their tissue samples.

9th June 2023, NEWCASTLE, UK – Leica Biosystems is pleased to announce the launch of BOND ChromoPlex II Dual Detection, a plug-and-play dual detection system designed to deliver IHC and ISH dual staining on BOND-MAX and BOND-III.

Dual staining enables clinicians or researchers to stain a single tissue sample with multiple markers, providing new insights to what is occurring at the cellular level. Staining a piece of tissue with more than one chromogen maximizes the amount of data acquired from a tissue sample, meaning that patients may be less likely to need to return for additional biopsies.

The BOND ChromoPlex II Dual Detection Kit includes high-contrast red and green chromogens, designed for identification and colocalization of antigens when highly expressed within the tissue. The kit can be used with any existing mouse and/or rabbit primary antibodies, eliminating the need for antibody cocktails.

Additional benefits of the BOND ChromoPlex II Dual Detection Kit:

  • Mouse and rabbit antibodies can be used in any combination
  • 4.5-hour turnaround time on a BOND-III and 6-hour turnaround time on a BOND-MAX, based on a 30-slide run

“The BOND ChromoPlex II Dual Detection Kit provides tissue sample efficiency and on-slide spatial relationship data without compromising a laboratory’s workflow,” said Dr. Rob Monroe, Chief Medical Officer at Leica Biosystems. “This kit was ready-made for the clinical setting and keeps our customers’ needs in mind.”

For In Vitro Diagnostics Use. BOND ChromoPlex II Dual Detection Kit is currently available in North America. 

For In Vitro Diagnostic Use.


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