Deciphex Announce Web Based Enhancements to Patholytix, Enabling Any Time, Anywhere Peer Review

With the release of Patholytix 4.0, Deciphex introduces a new workflow, enabling users to access the platform through the web. Patholytix’s web-workflow enhances collaboration within the pharmaceutical industry, between Contract Research Organizations (CROs), Pharma sponsors and independent Consultant Pathologists worldwide using best of breed technology to deliver high performance and ergonomic workflows. This innovation marks another significant milestone for accessibility and flexibility in non-clinical study participation, enabling seamless collaboration regardless of location or technological constraints.

The new workflow offers an intuitive web-based interface, empowering users with the ability to access and review studies from any device, anywhere in the world. In addition to our high performance pathology cockpit, web based workflows eliminate the delays introduced at the IT setup phase and allows effortless integration into existing workflows.

Facilitating easier study reviews across various scenarios, the Patholytix web workflow enables peer review by CRO pathologists at different locations, pathologists at Sponsor sites, as well as independent consultant pathologists. By providing instantaneous access to studies post-primary review, Patholytix eliminates the logistical challenges of shipping slides or travelling to test sites for peer reviewers, thereby expediting study completion and accelerating progress towards clinical trials.

“Until now, the need for IT installation has delayed some of our partners from collaborating effectively with one another digitally on drug safety studies” said Shane Ryan, General Manager of Preclinical Pathology at Deciphex. “The addition of a web-based workflow solves another challenge delaying drug development cycles. The web workflow now puts the power of Patholytix into the hands of study collaborators no matter where they are located or the device they’re using. This gives pharma companies and CROs more freedom when selecting study collaborators. This freedom will result in better scheduling, faster study completion, and thus quicker decisions on new drugs.”

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