Deciphex Enables First Digital GLP Peer Review Conducted by a Consultant for a Contract Research Provider

In 2023, a Toxicological Pathologist at Integrated Biologix GmbH, Sarah Taplin, became the first consultant pathologist to perform a regulated digital peer review for a study conducted at a drug development research provider. In this case, Integrated Biologix GmbH, a consultancy firm for the nonclinical development of biotherapeutics, partnered with Labcorp, a global leader of innovative and comprehensive laboratory services. This achievement was made possible with the use of the Patholytix digital pathology platform, the flagship product of Deciphex.

Patholytix is the first platform to offer an end-to-end GLP-compliant workflow for toxpath studies. In February 2023, Deciphex completed validation activities enabling veterinary consultant pathologists to perform GLP peer reviews for contract research partners using Patholytix.

Previously, consultant pathologists faced two costly options to perform these reviews. They could either travel to the research site, incurring significant expenses and time constraints or the research organization would have to ship the slides to the consultant, leading to extensive paperwork and potential delays due to customs holds or losses.

The Patholytix platform eliminates these logistical challenges. It is the only platform that allows Independent Expert Consultants to onboard studies remotely from anywhere in the world and is the only solution that offers this service for regulated use cases like GLP studies in addition to non-GLP studies. Using Patholytix to perform GLP compliant peer reviews digitally can significantly accelerate the review and consensus process, enabling drug candidates to reach clinical trials faster.

Sarah Taplin, based in Switzerland, commented on the ease and flexibility of using the Patholytix platform for her peer review with Labcorp in the USA:

“My experience with Patholytix is that it is both time efficient and cost effective. High quality images are downloaded straight onto the GLP compliant laptop and the viewing platform is very easy to use. I thoroughly recommend and it is now my preferred method for conducting peer reviews.”

Deciphex’s innovative, flexible and cost-effective services offered via Patholytix helps research organizations and consultants streamline their study review workflows and expedite the drug development process.

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