Deep Bio Acquires ISO 27001 Certification for Information Security Management

Deep Bio: Enhanced security and reliability through adherence to the globally recognized information security standards

Deep Bio, a pioneer in medical AI for digital pathology and cancer diagnostics support software, announced that it has acquired ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification, the international information security management system standards.

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 specifies the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining, and improving an information security management system and provides a risk management process so that organizations can accordingly keep their information safe. As the most widely-recognized certification for information security management, it strictly evaluates 144 criteria in 14 categories such as information security policy, security processes, security controls, and services. By obtaining the certification, Deep Bio has demonstrated its commitment to protecting data through systematic management for information security.

“As we handle a myriad of medical data which require a more secure approach, we are very aware of the importance of information security above all else, and make every effort to build a thorough security management system,” said Sun Woo Kim, the CEO of Deep Bio. “Achieving the certification proves our robust data security management systems. We will keep renewing this certification so that our partners and customers can use our AI-based cancer diagnostic support software with confidence,” he mentioned.

Deep Bio, which initiated AI-based pathology image analysis and cancer diagnosis research in Korea, is leading the digital transformation in pathology with Korea’s first approved AI-based cancer diagnostic support software DeepDx®-Prostate and AI-based prostate cancer severity-grading software DeepDx®-Prostate Pro. More importantly, the company plans to execute purchase agreements with five Korean hospitals for DeepDx®-Prostate Pro, through the Public Procurement Marketplace program run by the Korean Public Procurement Service (PPS).

Deep Bio also continues to build its global presence through overseas partnerships with digital pathology platform providers in the US, Europe, and India, as well as conduct research cooperation with Stanford Medical School, Harvard Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and other top research institutions in the US. The company also has been presenting its novel research results in prestigious science and technology journals including the Cancers Journal, npj Digital Medicine, among others.

About Deep Bio

Deep Bio Inc. is an AI healthcare company with in-house expertise in deep learning and cancer pathology. Our vision is to radically improve efficiency and accuracy of pathologic cancer diagnosis and prognosis, by equipping pathologists with deep learning-based IVD SaMDs (In Vitro Diagnostics Software as a Medical Device), for optimal cancer treatment decisions. To learn more, visit

DeepDx® Prostate is a clinically-validated AI for prostate core needle biopsy tissue image analysis. Whole-slide images (WSIs) of H&E-stained biopsy tissue specimens are analyzed for prostate cancer, Gleason scores and grade groups. Extensively tested at 4 US CLIA labs (700k+ cores from 2019 to 2021), DeepDx® Prostate can alleviate the shortage of pathologists and the resultant increase in workload, while reducing diagnostic subjectivity and variability. To learn more, visit


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