Diagnexia Expands Pathology Services with State-of-the-Art Accessioning Facility in Toronto, Revolutionising Digital Pathology and Enhancing Patient Care

Diagnexia Canada Limited, owned by Deciphex Limited and internationally recognized as a leading provider of pathology services, is delighted to announce the launch of its cutting-edge accessioning facility in Toronto.

The new facility in Toronto underscores Diagnexia’s dedication to fostering innovation within digital pathology and increasing local engagement. It serves as a platform to further enhance Diagnexia’s ability to provide timely, precise, and high-quality pathology services not only across Canada but also at its other centers in the UK and US.

Pathology in Need of Reinvention

With pathology playing a crucial role in 95% of clinical pathways, the field is experiencing a critical surge in demand. Notwithstanding, the pathology landscape is being increasingly strained by the growing complexity of diagnoses, a decline in the number of pathologists, longer patient wait times, and a rapid rise in the need for expertise.

Innovative Pathway to Better Patient Care

These challenges mandate the introduction of innovative solutions for optimum patient care. Digitizing pathology practices leads to more efficient workflows, enabling laboratories to manage larger caseloads while also slashing turnaround times. Consequently, this enhances patient care and outcomes.

Through Diagnexia’s clinical platform, hospitals and laboratories are connected to an international network of subspeciality expert pathologists, ensuring the highest quality of patient care for healthcare services globally.

Rapid Turnaround with Diagnexia

Many of the delays experienced by labs stem from traditional image analysis methods. By digitizing their pathology practices, labs can enhance their workflow, handle larger caseloads and significantly reduce turnaround times.

Diagnexia offers a comprehensive remote diagnostic & consult service that connects hospitals and laboratories to a national and an international network of subspeciality expert pathologists. This digital platform allows clinical cases to receive global expertise and guarantees a high quality of patient care for healthcare services.

“We are thrilled to extend our reach into Toronto, a city renowned for its commitment to healthcare innovation and growth. Our state-of-the-art facility here will enable us to better serve our clients across Canada and beyond while simultaneously contributing to local employment,” – said Prof. Runjan Chetty CMO of Diagnexia.

Introducing the Brand-New Toronto Accession Facility

Diagnexia’s Toronto Accessioning Facility, newly opened, serves as the vital digitisation hub for all biopsies uploaded to the Diagnexia Platform. Built with the latest technology and designed for efficiency, this facility represents a significant step forward in meeting the rising demand for digital pathology services.

With the launch of this facility, Diagnexia’s impressive clinical diagnostic turnaround times of less than three days – a stark contrast to the typical waiting times of 2-3 months – are now available to Canadian healthcare providers. This new facility and its state-of-the-art capabilities mark a significant advancement in reducing delays in disease diagnosis, status, case progression, and ultimately, in enhancing patient care.

About Diagnexia:

Diagnexia is a leading provider of pathology services, offering innovative diagnostic solutions to healthcare organisations worldwide. Our cloud-based platform enables hospitals to easily and rapidly send cases for expert opinion to our team of subspecialists. Our mission is to positively impact patient care by streamlining the diagnostic process and providing fast, accurate results. With facilities in Chicago, Dublin, Ireland, and Exeter, UK, we offer comprehensive and easy-to-read reports, around-the-clock IT and customer support, and easy-to-use online case monitoring to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality service. Our team of highly trained and validated pathologists are regulatory compliant and are recognised as clinical leaders in their field. Diagnexia is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge diagnostic solutions to our clients, improving patient outcomes and helping healthcare organisations stay at the forefront of the industry.

About Deciphex:

Deciphex is an Irish-based software company focused on developing digital pathology-based software and services for clinical and research pathology. The company’s aim is to network and accelerate the work of pathologists around the world.

Already operating in the UK, Canada, Europe and the Middle-East, Deciphex expanded its Diagnostics as a service platform, Diagnexia in the United States in September 2022. Diagnexia is the first fully digital, subspeciality-led, remote diagnostic & consult service. The platform connects laboratories to an international network of subspeciality pathologists, who can provide their expertise on clinical cases, while vastly reducing turnaround times and ensuring delivery of the highest quality of patient care.

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