Diagnexia Partners with Aga Khan University Hospital to Enhance Pathology Services and Foster AI Diagnostic Innovations

Diagnexia, a leader in pathology expertise, is thrilled to announce a significant collaborative agreement with Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH), Nairobi. This partnership marks a strategic step in enhancing pathology services and spearheading advancements in AI-driven diagnostics.

Under this groundbreaking agreement, Diagnexia’s network of esteemed pathologists will provide expert secondary consultations to the AKUH Pathology department. This collaboration is a testament to Diagnexia’s dedication to bringing subspecialty pathology expertise to regions in need, significantly improving diagnostic quality, patient care and ensuring effective treatment approaches.

Additionally, Diagnexia will contribute to the external quality assurance of cases reported by the AKUH pathology department. This initiative aligns with local department and international accreditation quality assurance requirements, ensuring the highest standards of diagnostic accuracy and patient care.

The partnership also extends into the academic realm, promoting mentorship, joint publications, and general academic advice. This synergy is expected to foster a rich environment for innovation and learning, benefiting both institutions.

Another key feature of this alliance is the development and implementation of AI tools focused on diagnostics and biomarker quantification. These state-of-the-art tools, deployed at AKUH,N aim to drive efficiencies, enhance quality, and position the hospital at the forefront of medical services.

Dr. Donal O’Shea, CEO of Diagnexia, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting the opportunity to impact global healthcare positively.

“This collaboration is not just a business venture; it’s a chance to make a real difference in patient outcomes and healthcare quality,”

said Dr. O’Shea.

Dr. Shahin Sayed, Medical Director of Laboratory Medicine and Head of Pathology at AKUH,N noted that the partnership will greatly impact patient care and upskilling of the medical experts.

“This collaboration is going to strengthen our quality control as it opens us up to external review by global peer experts,”

she said.

Professor Runjan Chetty, CMO of Diagnexia, shared his vision for the collaboration.

“We’re not just providing services; we’re building a bridge between international expertise and local needs in diagnostic services, teaching, research and AI innovation using a remote network of expert pathologists, which is revolutionary in the world of pathology,”

said Professor Chetty.

This partnership represents a beacon of hope for innovation and providing unique solutions to chronic problems, thereby setting a new standard in healthcare collaboration and patient care.

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