DPC Exclusive! Dr. Monika Lamba Presents: The Transformative Advantages of Digital Pathology for Clinical Trials

Proscia will be showcasing their enterprise pathology platform, Concentriq, at booth 15 and discussing their digital pathology goals. This year Proscia will present Dr. Monika Lamba, MD, PhD, Director of Pathology at Q² Solutions. Dr. Lamba will deliver a presentation titled ‘The Transformative Advantages of Digital Pathology for Clinical Trials’ on Thursday, the 7th at 3:40 GMT.

Presentation Abstract

Advances in tech-enabled solutions and workflows reshape age-old lab imaging processes in clinical trials, optimizing diagnostic analysis and reducing the burden on pathologists. Despite this, some sponsors and lab teams hesitate to embrace digitized pathology. Join Dr. Lamba as she explains how digitized pathology addresses long-term challenges in imaging analysis, especially as trial timelines and budgets become increasingly crucial. Attendees will learn:

  • The tangible benefits of digital pathology for enhancing clinical trial efficiency
  • Opportunities to improve throughput and adopt a more holistic approach to care through digital pathology
  • Key considerations for integrating digital pathology into practice

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