EIZO RadiForce MX243W – EIZO’s New Monitor for Microscope Images

24.1″ colour monitor for use with radiological and microscopic images

EIZO, the Japanese specialist in image reproduction solutions, announces the launch of a new 24.1″ colour monitor. The RadiForce MX243W is a widescreen monitor and factory calibrated with a DICOM® -GSDF luminance characteristic.

Its Hybrid Gamma PXL function automatically differentiates between greyscale and colour images with pixel precision and creates a hybrid image reproduction. Each pixel is displayed with the optimal luminance characteristic. This ensures maximum accuracy and reliability when colour and monochrome images are displayed simultaneously. This is advantageous when, for example, video or photo images are displayed simultaneously with X-ray images.

In terms of image sharpness, the MX243W shines with blur reduction. It enables detailed contours that are otherwise impaired by anti-reflective coating and image brightness. The image reproduction takes place with maximum clarity. In addition, the screen is equipped with EIZO’s Point-and-Focus function. With it, image areas can be conveniently selected and masked using the mouse and keyboard.

The design and technology of the RadiForce MX243W offer both ergonomic comfort and unparalleled image precision for use with radiology imaging. Its 1920 x 1200 pixels in 16:10 format and a calibrated brightness of 220 cd/sqm characterise the MX243W’s screen. Radiological images and the corresponding findings can be displayed side by side. The viewer sees both at a glance.

It shows dental images in the diagnostic room in diagnostic quality. For microscopic images in pathology, highly saturated colours can be very well differentiated thanks to its wide gamut display.

Thanks to DisplayPort output, another monitor can be daisy-chained to the MX243W. This allows for an optimised multi-screen solution without excessive cabling.

Sustainable product, environmentally friendly packaging

Conventional packaging vs. environmentally friendly materials

EIZO is committed to responsible business and manufacturing processes to protect the environment and promote sustainability. The RadiForce MX243W is made from approximately 19% recycled plastic. This reduces plastic waste, conserves resources and promotes the reuse of materials. In addition, EIZO replaces polystyrene with pulp and paper in the shipping pads of the packaging to reduce environmental impact.


The EIZO RadiForce MX243W is now available in Europe.

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Source: EIZO

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