First NHS Trust Has Signed A Contract To Adopt Aiforia PD-L1 AI Model For Lung Cancer In Clinical Diagnostics

The first NHS Trust of the PathLAKE Plus consortium has signed an individual contract to adopt Aiforia PD-L1 AI model for lung cancer in clinical diagnostics. The duration of the contract is three years, with a possible three-year extension.

Aiforia previously announced in February a contract award allowing 25 NHS Trusts of the PathLAKE Plus consortium to purchase Aiforia artificial intelligence solutions in the UK. This contract award enables Trusts to purchase Aiforia solutions directly and to sign individual contracts without a separate tender process.

The CE-IVD marked Aiforia® Clinical AI Model for Lung Cancer; PD-L1 is intended for use by pathologists in supporting them with the detection and calculation of PD-L1 biomarker levels in non-small cell lung cancer cases. The clinical grade deep learning artificial intelligence model can automatically detect tumor areas in a patient sample and calculate PD-L1 negative and positive cells.

“We are happy that the first NHS Trust has already signed a contract. The detection of PD-L1 presence in tumors is routinely used in clinical pathology as a predictive diagnostic test to identify which patients could potentially benefit from immunotherapy. It’s inspiring to think how AI can now assist pathologists in ensuring patients get the best possible care,” says Jukka Tapaninen, CEO of Aiforia. “We are ready to support these hospitals with training and implementation to facilitate the adoption of AI models in their clinical pathology department.”


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Only certain Aiforia® Clinical AI models and the Aiforia® Clinical Suite Viewer are CE-IVD marked for diagnostic use in EU and EEA countries, see here for the full list: In all other countries, the use is limited to Research Use Only, not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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