Go Digital with Motic Digital Pathology’s 5 Year Anniversary Bundle

San Francisco, CA – Motic Digital Pathology, a leading provider of digital pathology solutions, has announced a special deal for 2023 as part of its fifth anniversary celebration. This promotion is designed to inspire and encourage more laboratories to embrace digitalization and experience the numerous advantages it brings.

Through June 2023, Motic will be offering a special bundle of 5 Scanners (1x MoticEasyScan Infinity and 4x MoticEasyScan One’s) for $100,000 USD.

This special bundle is suitable for a wide range of use cases, including clinical support, cloud-based secondary consultation, research, education, NGO collaboration projects, and more. Motic’s case-workflow platform or repository server program will also be included in this offer, providing users with a comprehensive, turnkey solution. This promotion is in celebration of the fifth anniversary of MoticEasyScan, a trio of novel scanners designed specifically for first adopters.

Together, these systems connect laboratories to a vast global community of pathologists and allow users to collaborate, share cases, and make diagnoses remotely. This offer is part of Motic’s larger initiative to help laboratories worldwide “go digital.”

Do not miss out on this incredible opportunity, and the benefits that digital pathology has to offer. Contact Motic today to take advantage of this limited-time offer and become a part of the digital pathology revolution!

About Motic Digital Pathology

Motic Digital Pathology addresses the growing global pathology care gap by making digital medicine approachable for hospitals, laboratories, and doctors everywhere. We promote the adoption of telepathology through our innovative, cost-effective solutions developed directly in conjunction with partner pathologists. As the medical division of Motic, a leader in the field of optics since 1988, we are part of a global company innovating for a better tomorrow. Our whole slide scanning and image management systems have now been deployed for millions of cases worldwide, and our philanthropic initiatives leverage digital pathology technologies to solve today’s most pressing and under-resourced health problems.

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