HistoWiz Launches AI-Powered PathologyMap™ 2.0 for Histopathology Slide Images

Digital Pathology

Unlocks Efficiency Gains with High-Speed Search, Easy Metadata Tagging, and On-Platform AI Analysis


NEW YORK CITY (June 27, 2024) — HistoWiz, a leader in digital pathology services, introduces PathologyMap™ 2.0, its next-generation digital slide management solution which leverages advanced AI and metadata analysis to build on the original’s data viewing, tagging, annotation, and sharing features for preclinical histopathology slides. PathologyMap 2.0 also introduces on-platform one-click AI analysis including automated quality control and tissue segmentation for rapidly checking the quality of images and reliable downstream processing. Third-party applications are also being introduced, minimizing the need for customers to purchase additional software for image analysis and reducing the hassle of integrating multiple AI solutions.


Linh Hoang, M.D., Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, HistoWiz, commented:

“Our lab has been processing and digitizing research and preclinical histopathology slides since 2013 with our PathologyMap data management platform enabling customers’ viewing, managing, and sharing of data for many of those years. PathologyMap already powers one of the world’s largest collections of digitized research and preclinical histology slides. This next-generation of PathologyMap builds on the features our customers already love about the platform while giving them new ways to work with even greater efficiency thanks to its innovative UI, easy metadata integration, and one-click image analysis tools.”

Features of PathologyMap 2.0:


  • Flexible metadata integration. The PathologyMap workflow is highly flexible allowing users to easily upload slides and/or metadata independent of how that data is organized on their system. The Samples Editor tool helps users organize, upload, and edit metadata all in one place and metadata can be added at any point in time either by user upload (i.e., Excel file) or directly into the system.
  • Lightning-fast search and unparalleled discovery. Search 2.0 is a discovery engine providing an ultra-responsive interface for exploring entire repositories of histology data. Featuring an infinite scroll of multi-gigabyte slides and metadata, it dynamically delivers whole slide images and search results in milliseconds – orders of magnitude faster than other commercial platforms. Additionally, Search 2.0 allows users to query any data, including user-generated inputs. It is a powerful discovery tool designed to uncover patterns in data across any size of database.
  • Curate collections and collaborate easily with slide groups. This new slide group function simplifies management by enabling users to share and control permissions for an entire group of slides. Users have access to quickly embed images and produce reports without leaving the platform. The Groups function also supports additional downstream processing including expert analysis from a member of the HistoWiz Pathologist Network, image analysis specialist, or on-platform one-click AI analysis.
  • Upload any image, anytime. PathologyMap 2.0 not only gives users access to their slides digitized at HistoWiz, but they can upload their own (or third-party) digital images. PathologyMap 2.0 is compatible with all OpenSlide and other format types (SVS, DICOM, TIFF, OME-TIFF, QP-TIFF, BigTIFF, CZI, and more) with no complex file mapping required. Metadata and lab notebooks can also be uploaded and HistoWiz can digitize entire glass slide collections if needed.
  • Rapid one-click analysis with HistoWiz and third-party AI apps. PathologyMap 2.0 revolutionizes digital pathology with its groundbreaking AI apps library. This innovative suite of tools offers researchers seamless integration of advanced AI-driven analytics, from tissue segmentation to automated quality control (Auto-QC). By standardizing datasets across various sources, including internal labs and external CROs, the Auto-QC AI app ensures consistency and reliability in histological analysis. Strategic partnerships with AI companies like AIRA Matrix and Aiosyn further enhance the platform’s capabilities, bringing in specialized tools for intricate analyses. This is a pay-as-you-go function with no additional software set-up or subscription fees required.


PathologyMap 2.0 is available now for all HistoWiz customers. To learn more about how your lab can use PathologyMap for your slide collections or to request a demo of PathologyMap 2.0, please contact HistoWiz at info@histowiz.com. More information about HistoWiz’s end-to-end histopathology services including histology slide preparation and staining, immunostaining, multiomics, telepathology, and image analysis consultation is available at www.histowiz.com.

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HistoWiz accelerates scientific research and discoveries by automating histology and digital pathology solutions. The company processes tissue specimens for both GLP and non-GLP and digitizes the data onto its web-based platform PathologyMap™ for customers to review their results. This proprietary online platform enables researchers to quickly view, manage, analyze, and share their histopathology data and perform on-platform image analysis. HistoWiz’s network of more than 130 on-call, board-certified pathologists is also available for on-demand consultation with the click of a button. Through automation and AI, HistoWiz’s innovations promote a deeper understanding of biology by enabling global collaboration to drive scientific

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