HNL Lab Medicine Announces Groundbreaking Digital Pathology Investment

HNL Lab Medicine, a leading clinical diagnostics laboratory, is pleased to announce an investment in a new digital pathology initiative. HNL Lab Medicine has selected solutions from Proscia, a digital pathology software company, and Leica Biosystems, a manufacturer of high-quality imaging hardware, to establish an advanced digital pathology practice. This investment will enhance the lab’s diagnostic capabilities, improve efficiency, and ultimately provide better patient care.The initiative combines Proscia’s innovative digital pathology software platform Concentriq Dx and Leica Biosystems’ scanner hardware. Proscia’s Concentriq Dx drives routine workflows, streamlines collaboration and is designed for realizing the promise of pathology’s AI-powered future. Combined with Leica Biosystems’ innovative high throughput scanner hardware, this solution will enable HNL Lab Medicine’s pathologists to get to the correct diagnosis more efficiently, benefiting both patients and healthcare providers.We are excited to embark on this digital pathology journey with Proscia and Leica Biosystems. We chose Leica Biosystems as our whole slide imaging vendor due to their high image quality and demonstrated ability to handle large volumes. We selected Proscia’s Concentriq Dx as our digital pathology platform because it aligns with HNL Lab Medicine’s vision for innovation and efficiency. These two companies will allow us to transform into a digital practice, enabling HNL Lab Medicine to deliver on the promise of precision medicine to improve patient care,” said Dr. Jordan Olson, Medical Director of HNL Lab Medicine.

“Each pathology image contains over one billion pixels that tell the story of a patient’s disease,” said David West, CEO of Proscia. “Beyond helping to drive quality and efficiency gains, HNL Lab Medicine lays the foundation for capitalizing on the full potential of this data with its digital pathology initiative.”

The substantial investment in digital pathology is part of HNL Lab Medicine’s ongoing commitment to harnessing advanced technologies to improve patient outcomes. By embracing digital innovation initiatives like digital pathology, HNL Lab Medicine aims to provide superior diagnostic services. For more information, visit

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