Human Bytes partners with Paige to bring digital pathology and AI to Denmark and Sweden

Hellerup, Denmark – January 19, 2023Human Bytes are entering a strategic partnership with US-based Paige.AI, Inc. (“Paige”) to bring their leading end-to-end digital pathology solution and clinical AI applications to Denmark and Sweden.

The field of pathology is facing a growing number of challenges with increased lab testing, a growing number of cancer cases, and a reduced workforce – these challenges can only be addressed by taking the leap into the digital age. Whole slide scanners, digital worklists, advanced viewers, and AI technologies have all been developed to streamline and enhance pathology workflows.

The comprehensive digital pathology solution from Paige delivers seamless integration, advanced whole slide image viewing, and access to a wide range of powerful AI applications that can revolutionize pathology workflows and increase diagnostic confidence for pathologists everywhere.

“We are proud to have worked with leading healthcare systems and partners across the US and UK to advance the adoption of digital pathology and AI to support pathologists in their challenging but critical role in the cancer care continuum. We see Denmark and Sweden as a natural next frontier for continuing this global transformation, with the ultimate goal of improving patient outcomes,” said Andy Moye CEO at Paige.  “Human Bytes is the right strategic partner to help us unlock this potential.”

Paige’s open platform and deep partnerships with industry-leading scanner and LIS vendors makes Paige one of the most robust and easily integrated solutions on the market. The cloud storage options offer a scalable deployment model, where each scanner, department, or workflow can be connected gradually. This stepwise deployment is significantly faster than traditional implementation, and significantly accelerates the path to value, eliminating risk in procurement.

The lion’s share of Paige’s value creation comes from adding the AI modules on-top, with Paige’s industry-leading AI products for prostate and breast cancer. Paige’s AI applications increase efficiency and confidence, especially across some of the more challenging aspects of cancer diagnosis such as grading. Their AI module for prostate, Paige Prostate Detect, has been found in high-profile studies to deliver a Negative Predictive Value of 100%, enabling pathologists to more quickly sign out non-suspicious tissue samples in the future, significantly increasing efficiencies.

The introduction of digital pathology also opens a whole new diagnostic opportunity with biomarkers. From the first H&E-stained tissue sample, Paige’s biomarker AI applications can uncover new information that is not currently visible to the human eye through a microscope. Paige today has HER2Complete™which received CE-IVD and UKCA designations to identify patients with expression of HER2 in breast cancer.

“It is a great honor to be given the opportunity to represent Paige in some Nordic countries. With their native cloud platform dedicated for pathology, driving adoption will be a catalyst for revolutionizing pathology in the coming years,” said Ulrik Therkildsen CEO at Human Bytes. “We are especially excited about the opportunity to deploy Paige gradually, significantly reducing costs and economic risks for the customers. We expect the AI modules to be a game-changer in achieving better patient outcomes and improving health economics.”


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