Illuminating Our Current Position And The Future Of Digital Pathology At The Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh

Pathology News lanyards as seen at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh for Transforming Digital Pathology & AI: The Path Forward, Edinburgh 2023

Written by: Sidney Ocanagil 

Conferences like the one at the Royal College of Physicians are vital for socializing and networking in scientific niches like digital pathology. This year’s event promises expert presentations on AI applications, panel discussions, exhibitions, and product demos, offering attendees new prospects and valuable takeaways.

Pathology News recently partnered with Digibase, a leader in event planning for digital life science events. As a result, Pathology News was invited to Edinburgh to witness the conference first-hand and connect with the vibrant digital pathology community in attendance. This event provides an excellent opportunity for Pathology News to engage not only with their exhibiting partners such as Leica Biosystems, Aiforia, Diagnexia, Indica Labs, Owkin, Source LDPath, and Paige but also with individuals who share a profound passion for digital pathology.

Pathology News offers its partners the chance to be featured in their unique Technology Buyers Guide, a platform where readers can compare digital pathology solutions in a neutral space, without direct communication with vendors. Nick Best, the commercial director, will be present throughout the entire two-day event, eager to gain further insights and engage with fellow enthusiasts of digital pathology.

During an interview towards the culmination of last year’s event, we were fortunate to hear from Prof. Jo Martin, a distinguished Keynote Speaker and Professor of Pathology at Queen Mary University London. Prof. Martin emphasized the profound significance of uniting to exchange experiences and expertise within our field. According to Prof. Martin, the networking opportunities presented by events like this are truly invaluable, providing us with a deeper understanding of our current position and illuminating the path we are destined to embark upon as digital pathology evolves.

As we reflect on the progress made in digital pathology over the past year, we eagerly anticipate gaining further insights into its trajectory. The forthcoming conference holds the promise of delivering another exceptional year in Edinburgh, where we can collectively explore where digital pathology has ventured and envision its potential future.

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