KLAS Research Highlights Lumea as a Prominent Leader in Clinical Use Digital Pathology

Lumea, dedicated to advancing tissue standardization and digital pathology, solidified its position in the United States in the latest KLAS Research

By Abigail Diepeveen

Lumea, a trailblazing digital pathology company dedicated to advancing tissue standardization, solidified its position among the best digital pathology companies in the United States in the latest KLAS Research ‘US Digital Pathology 2023’ Performance Insights report. The report highlights an exciting success story from a urology practice that tried Lumea and experienced a substantial improvement in patient care.

Lumea recognized early on that true progress in digital pathology required a revolutionary approach to tissue standardization, beginning at the surgery center. In 2015, Lumea unveiled groundbreaking patient-first tissue-handling technology, elevating digital pathology by enhancing specimen collection and transportation. With these innovations deployed on over 2 million specimens, Lumea not only streamlined and standardized processes, but its tech also resulted in a higher tissue yield on glass slides that enabled an increase in cancer detection rates, reshaping the landscape of patient care with unprecedented efficiency and precision.

The early adopter of Lumea tech highlighted in the KLAS Performance Report showed significant improvements from this standardization. In just six months, the results were nothing short of thrilling—imagine time savings of 5–15 minutes per case and a jaw-dropping ten percentage-point surge in their CR positivity rate! The enhanced precision in cancer diagnoses opened the floodgates to increased revenue through advanced treatments, swiftly recouping their investment in digital pathology. Their only regret? Not embarking on this exhilarating digital journey sooner!

Throughout this organization’s digital pathology expedition, they reported that Lumea has been an unwavering ally. They shared that what sets Lumea apart is its steadfast commitment to ongoing support, regularly extending a helping hand to aid the practice in continuously improving and achieving its goals.

Read the KLAS Research ‘US Digital Pathology 2023’ Performance Insights report: https://klasresearch.com/report/us-digital-pathology-2023-a-deep-dive-into-early-clinical-adopters-successes-and-lessons-learned/3215

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About Lumea

Lumea, a forefront innovator in digital pathology, places patients at the core of its approach. Their best-in-class tissue-handling technology and integrated workflow AI ensure standardization and optimal tissue integrity throughout the entire pathology ecosystem, enhancing overall efficiency and quality. This distinctive strategy improves tissue yield and quality, which can lead to higher cancer detection rates, and results in a return on investment in cost and time-sensitive environments, ultimately setting a higher standard for patient care in cancer diagnostics. Learn more at www.lumeadigital.com

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