Lightspeed Microscopy raises $4M in series A financing round with plans to revolutionize pathology

3D brain lightspeed bio microscopy
Whole mouse brain imaged. Still image from YouTube video available online -

SEATTLE, June 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Lightspeed Microscopy, Inc., an end-to-end 3D pathology platform, announced today it has raised $4 million in a Series A financing round.  The round was led by Dynamk Capital and is expected to close with participation from additional investors by mid-July.

The new funding will be used to commercialize and scale Lightspeed’s microscopy platform. Lightspeed’s technology combines novel chemistry, patented open-top light-sheet microscopy, and cloud-based AI data analysis to non-destructively image large tissues in 3D at a sub-cellular resolution. The platform is a complete solution that includes tissue labelling, tissue clearing, high-throughput imaging, cloud-based processing, and 3D digital analysis. Together, these technologies greatly improve the accuracy and speed of preclinical testing while creating compelling new insights.

“The questions being asked in Pharma R&D departments are increasingly complex and often cannot be answered with traditional 2D pathology,” said Nicholas Reder, MD, MPH, CEO of Lightspeed Microscopy. “We provide our Pharma customers with novel biological insights using our patented 3D open-top light-sheet microscope combined with AI analysis. As we prepare for our next stage in growth, we are excited to partner with Dynamk Capital, a firm with extensive experience and a strong track record of helping promising life sciences tools companies reach their potential to transform the industry.”

“Traditional 2D pathology used in product development and diagnostics is a laborious and slow process” said Dr. Gustavo Mahler, General Partner at Dynamk Capital. “By integrating multiple distinct disciplines, Lightspeed is positioned to both accelerate pathology in existing workflows and unlock entirely new insights by greatly increasing access and ease of 3D pathology. Lightspeed and its leadership are well positioned to lead the 3D pathology space.”

About Lightspeed Microscopy

Lightspeed Microscopy Inc. reimagines pathology by providing a full-stack solution to nondestructively image large tissues in 3D at sub-cellular resolution. Its novel chemistry, patented high-throughput light-sheet microscope, and cloud-based AI analysis software adds a new dimension to pathology. Lightspeed, spun-out of the University of Washington and co-founded by Nick Reder in 2018, is based in Seattle, WA.

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About Dynamk Capital

Dynamk Capital is a growth equity and venture capital firm focused on life sciences industrials. Dynamk’s investment strategy is centered on identifying companies developing disruptive technologies, tools, and services that enable the full biopharma continuum across discovery, development, and manufacturing of biotherapeutics, including cell & gene therapies, and vaccines. The Dynamk team of experienced life science entrepreneurs, investors, advisors, and subject matter experts provides capital and strategic advice to entrepreneurs commercializing innovative life science technologies. Please visit for more information.

Source: Lightspeed Microscopy, Inc.

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