Lumea Podcast: Game-Changing Tools for Pathologists

In Lumea’s fifth “Ask a Pathologist Podcast” episode, James Thackeray had the privilege to interview Dr. Hillel Kahane about his favourite game-changing tools for pathologists. From pre-analytical tools to digital pathology to diagnostic AI, Dr. Kahane shares what tools have been the most useful in his practice and why he recommends all pathologists give digital pathology a try.

Dr. Hillel Kahane

Dr. Hillel Kahane is a board certified uropathologist with over 30 years of experience in the commercial USA laboratory industry. He has personally signed out more than 1 million prostate needle-core biopsies throughout the United States, serving over 6,000 urologists and radiation oncologists. He is also the co-founder of StarPath Inc. a physician owned and physician operated digital pathology company which operates under PathNet, a global network of next generation pathology practices. StarPath provides world-class quality pathology interpretations while leveraging the power of artificial intelligence coupled with the 50+ years of experience and expertise of its two founders.

If you would rather watch instead of listen please use the video below. Enjoy!


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