Lumea Recognized As Best of State Winner for Medical Innovation

Lumea, a forefront innovator in digital pathology, is pleased and honoured to be announced the winner of Utah’s Best in State award for Medical Innovation

Lumea, a forefront innovator in the digital pathology space, is pleased and honoured to be announced the winner of Utah’s Best in State award for Medical Innovation.

Lumea operates right in the heart of Silicon Slopes, recently named by the Wall Street Journal the top tech hub in the United States. When Stanford-trained pathologist Matthew Leavitt founded the digital pathology company in 2013, he aimed to improve patient care, increase access to lifesaving treatments, and protect and improve upon the practice he loved.

Digital pathology is the means by which practitioners are shifting away from the microscope and exploring the capabilities of a remote, digital landscape. It enables faster, more accurate diagnoses, better-targeted therapies, and, ultimately, improved outcomes for patients.

With over 2 million digital diagnoses and counting, Lumea currently holds the top position as the leading digital platform for clinical usage in the United States. The groundbreaking technology, software, and consumables have led to optimal lab practices, created major efficiencies throughout the diagnostic process, and increased cancer detection rates, most notably in prostate cancer, for patients worldwide.

This award underscores the revolutionary impact that Lumea makes within the digital pathology space. And, Lumea’s proprietary specimen collection technology replaces the traditional formalin bottle for biopsies. This monumental shift not only helps to standardize the pathology workflow, it significantly increases tissue quality, helping each biopsy to be more effective and resulting in a return on investment in the cost and time-sensitive environment of patient diagnostic medicine.

“Lumea is saving lives by offering new ‘standard-of-care’ Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven software and patented Tissue Handling products that have been proven to increase cancer detection and drive down costs in pathology,” says Jim Pack, CEO of Lumea. “Being recognized as a Best of State company reaffirms our commitment to innovation, new technologies, and, ultimately, improved patient outcomes and lives saved. Each of us here at Lumea is proud of the impact we’re making and grateful for this acknowledgment.”

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