Micropix Celebrates its 3rd Anniversary with InstrumeC as Australasian Distributor for Macro-Imager System

Micropix, experts in optical microscopy and digital pathology are celebrating the 3rd anniversary with their Australasian distributor, InstrumeC. The Australasian distributor for Micropix’s Macro-imager system. InstrumeC, based in Black Rock, South Australia, improves anatomical pathology workflows and is now rapidly distributing the Micropix Macro-imager throughout Australia and New Zealand. Over the years Micropix has expanded its product range to include the Macro-imager along with the Yenway Microscope and Slide imager Software with their core business always focussing on the manufacture and supply of state-of-the-art digital microscopes.

The Macro-imager is a high-definition imaging system boasting the latest Sony sensor technology for use in pathology labs and mortuaries. The Macro-imager system has been designed specifically for use within the cut-up lab of hospital pathology departments. Combining a high-quality, full HD camera with 30x optical zoom with easy-to-use and intuitive software, the Macro-imager makes image capture simple and reliable. The standard system has all necessary mounts available so the camera can be located above any workstation. The wall-mountable pole with extension arms on the VESA mount is supplied as standard. Additionally, the Macro-imager offers; flexible mounting options-VESA mount, video recording functionality, cross-polarised LED illumination, LED ring light illumination, foot pedal control, and barcode scanning capability. Find out more about the Micropix Macro-imager, here.

About Micropix

Founded in 2010, our core business is manufacturing and supplying state-of-the-art digital microscope cameras at cost-effective prices. Over the years we have expanded our product range to include our Macro-imager, microscopes (we have our own brand called Yenway), microscope-to-camera c-mount adapters, and LED fluorescence illumination. For more information, visit Micropix.

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