Make the Most of Your Annual Budget with MoticEasyScan NEW Infinity

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Motic: Make the Most of Your Annual Budget with MoticEasyScan NEW Infinity

MoticEasyScan NEW Infinity is the ideal option for scaling up your lab. The number of features and benefits you receive at a budget-friendly cost makes MoticEasyScan NEW Infinity a no-brainer for your lab.

Experience more than 2x the weekly throughput

With a $300k budget, you can purchase three MoticEasyScan NEW Infinity scanners for the same price or even half the cost of another big box scanner! By implementing multiple scanners instead of one, you’re able to scan significantly more slides per week than any other scanner on the market.

Save hours of work with no pre-scan setup

With MoticEasyScan NEW Infinity, not only are you able to scan more slides, but you’re able to save more time as well. Thanks to MoticEasyScan NEW Infinity’s automatic QC function, you no longer need to perform any tedious pre-scan preparations such as checking focus. You can let the scanner do the work for you and save you hours in your workday.

Create peace of mind with a backup unit

With demanding turnaround times and tight deadlines, your lab cannot afford to have a scanner break down. A scanner failure can result in zero slides being digitized for days, causing mayhem throughout an organization. Because of this, we heavily recommend implementing multiple instruments in your lab to be prepared for anything.

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