NationWide Laboratories Unveils ‘Super-efficient’ Scanner

NationWide Laboratories has unveiled what it calls a “high-end, extra fast and super-efficient” slide digitalisation system to its workflow.

The Pannoramic 1000 RX is the flagship product in the 3DHistech Pannoramic scanners family that NationWide declares is known for its “superior image quality and flexibility”. The scanner is also the only one currently in the UK with water immersion.

In a press statement, NationWide said: “Using one of the largest throughput scanners available on the market, we can guarantee the best digital images in the veterinary market today.”


The statement continued: “Simply send us your glass slides and you will receive them back along with the high-resolution digital images.

“Using our digital slide scanning service gives you all the advantages of digital pathology without the high equipment costs.”

A range of scanning options is available, with bright-field scanning at resolutions of 20×, 40× and 80×, with Z-stack and extended focus scanning options also available.


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