Paige Named Award Recipient of the PathLAKE Plus AI Project under HealthTrust Europe’s National Tender for Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Paige has been awarded the opportunity to provide, if chosen, artificial intelligence applications to leading NHS Trust labs through PathLAKE Plus, a consortium dedicated to driving AI innovation in pathology for the UK.

Through the digitization of five major NHS laboratories and the formation of a computational pathology hub, PathLAKE aims to ensure that the UK is in prime position to leverage the full value of NHS pathology data to drive economic growth in health-related AI.

With Paige becoming part of this computational pathology hub, 5 NHS Trust labs are now able to acquire Paige’s diagnostic AI applications to support their clinical decision-making and bring enhanced efficiency to their labs. These applications include the CE-IVD and UKCA marked Paige Prostate Suite and Paige Breast Suite.

Paige represents one of only three vendors to receive this award, and the only vendor for the Lymph Node Metastasis Use Case, where Paige Breast Lymph Node has been qualified for use. This achievement not only demonstrates the high performance of Paige’s technology, but allows us to expand our reach within the UK to ultimately help pathologists help more patients.

Paige and the PathLAKE Plus AI Project share a common goal of supporting pathologists through the introduction of cutting-edge AI technologies, with the ultimate aim of helping improve patient lives. We are thrilled that PathLAKE has awarded Paige the opportunity to potentially work directly with their group of NHS Trust Labs, as we believe we are the right partner to support digital transformation in pathology and bring unparalleled confidence to clinical decision making.


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