Paige Partners with University of York in AI Safety Program, Secures £117 Million Funding to Train Next Generation of Healthcare Leaders

Paige has joined the University of York as a partner and community member in a pivotal program to train the next generation of healthcare leaders to safely unlock the benefits of AI.

The new Doctoral Training Center will allow a cohort of PhD students to study the lifelong safety assurance of increasingly autonomous AI systems, and to gain hands-on experience that will help them pioneer evidence-based policy and practices for Safe AI in the future.

Paige will contribute as an industry partner to multidisciplinary workshops and content initiatives, including providing lectures on AI safety in diagnostics and pathology, addressing bias in diagnostic AI, and how to study safety in clinical settings.

Paige also provided a letter of support for the successful bid for funding of the Center from UKRI, who selected University of York to earn a total of £117 million through UKRI AI Centre for Doctoral Training in Lifelong Safety Assurance of AI-enabled Autonomous Systems (SAINTS).

With the SAINTS funding secured, the University of York, Paige, and all of the program’s collaborators can now help to seize the potential of the AI era and nurture talent that will push the AI field forward in a responsible way.

The earning of this funding also signals the UK government’s support for the acceleration and advancement of AI and demonstrates how critically important it is that safety in AI – from how it is built to how it is implemented – is protected by all parties involved, from developers to users and beyond.


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