Philips partners with Saint-Joseph Hospital & Marie-Lannelongue Hospital to improve personalized cancer care

Philips and Saint-Joseph Hospital & Marie-Lannelongue Hospital, one of France’s leading centers of excellence in cancer care, have announced the first steps in a partnership to fully integrate digital pathology into the Saint-Joseph and Marie Lannelongue hospitals’ enterprise imaging workflow, allowing care teams access to comprehensive diagnostic information at the anatomical, cellular, and molecular level. As a result, the hospitals’ multidisciplinary tumor boards will be able to better guide personalized care pathway selection for cancer patients through integration across digital pathology and radiology workflows.

“Through this partnership with Philips, we aim to integrate all our imaging data into an integrated diagnosis to enhance clinical decision-making and improve patient care.” – Dr Julien Adam, Head of the Pathology Department at Saint-Joseph Hospital


“Digital transformation has proven successful for pathologists, allowing easier organization and more efficient workflows, with new functionalities like measurements and multiple-slide alignment providing better collaboration across the care team and helping improve the path to diagnosis,” said Dr Julien Adam, Head of the Pathology Department at Saint-Joseph Hospital. “Through this partnership with Philips, we aim to integrate all our imaging data into an integrated diagnosis to enhance clinical decision-making and improve patient care. From a clinical standpoint, the availability of virtual slides during multidisciplinary meetings increases the involvement of pathologists to help us organize and optimize the analysis from sample to patient care, and ultimately build a gold standard for integrated diagnostics in oncology.”

“Digital pathology is a critical piece of the integrated diagnostics approach, with huge potential for AI, predictive analytics, and informatics to enhance outcomes for oncology patients by enabling a shared view of all the relevant clinical data at the right moment,” said Shez Partovi, Business Leader of Enterprise Informatics at Philips. “Through our partnership and co-development efforts with Saint-Joseph Hospital & Marie-Lannelongue Hospital, which has a well-founded reputation for being at the forefront of cancer care, we aim to bring these innovative solutions to staff and cancer patients as soon as possible.”

The radiology department at Saint-Joseph Hospital & Marie-Lannelongue Hospital is currently equipped with Philips Image Management  – Vue PACS to enable enterprise-wide image sharing, and the pathology laboratory has just completed the digitization with Philips IntelliSite Pathology, comprising two Philips Pathology Second Generation Scanner – SG300 scanners to manage more than 150,000 histology slides the hospitals produce each year, paired with Philips Image Management System Viewer to streamline digital imaging workflow and enable remote clinical collaboration [1].

The next step in the clinical collaboration to help improve personalized cancer care will focus on streamlining operations, automating steps and aggregating relevant data leveraging Philips Multidisciplinary Team Orchestrator, a cloud-native solution running on Philips HealthSuite. Paired with Philips Oncology Pathways powered by Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, it will bring actionable clinical patient information together from disparate data sources, including electronic medical records, lab systems, pathology, radiology, and genomics.

For more information on Philips’ AI-powered integrated diagnostic approach, join Philips in person at HIMSS23 at booth #901 and follow @PhilipsLiveFrom for #HIMSS23 updates throughout the event.

[1] Results presented here are specific to the institution where they were obtained and may not reflect the results achievable at other similarly situated or comparable institutions.

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