Professor Inti Zlobec Joins Aiforia’s Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Zlobec is a distinguished figure in the field of Digital Pathology, serving as Professor of Digital Pathology at the Institute of Tissue Medicine and Pathology, University of Bern in Switzerland. She leads an interdisciplinary research group focusing on improving the understanding of cancer biology and developing tools to address clinically relevant issues for patients.

With a background in histopathology and biostatistics, Prof. Zlobec has collaborated closely with pathologists, clinicians, and scientists for over two decades. As the President and co-founder of the Swiss Digital Pathology Consortium (SDiPath) and Chair of the Working Group for Digital & Computational Pathology at the European Society of Pathology, Prof. Zlobec actively advances the field of digital pathology in Switzerland and Europe.

Prof. Zlobec comments on her motivation to join Aiforia’s Scientific Advisory Board: “Aiforia stands out as a leader in algorithm development for histopathology images, possessing strengths in both diagnostic and research applications. This not only positions Aiforia to address the existing needs of pathologists and researchers but also creates exciting possibilities for advancing scientific endeavors. It motivates me to collaborate with Aiforia and help fulfill the expectations of their customers.”

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About Aiforia

 Aiforia is a trusted provider of deep learning artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for pathology. Aiforia delivers software solutions that elevate diagnostic capabilities in image analysis, enabling remarkable medical discoveries now and in the future. With thousands of AI models already developed on the Aiforia platform for research use and several diagnostic solutions deployed, Aiforia is already significantly impacting  pathology and healthcare.

Founded in 2013, Aiforia is a publicly traded company operating internationally with thousands of platform users across the globe. The company is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, with offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Rochester, Minnesota, and local representatives across Europe and North America. The diverse team at Aiforia includes experienced pathologists, medical scientists, AI and software developers, and a dedicated commercial team. Together, they are working to transform pathology with AI, enabling better care for each patient.

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