Tribun Health Releases a New Version of the Next-Generation Telepathology Solution for Remote Case Review

Tribun - Digital Pathology


Paris, France, June 23rd, 2022 – TeleSlide Patho 5 (formerly TeleSlide TeleMedecine) is an online
telepathology platform dedicated to sharing digital pathology slides and other multimedia documents for
the purposes of obtaining an expedient and qualified second opinion. Since its commercial launch in 2006,
TeleSlide Patho 5 has been used by many labs and hospitals across Europe and North America to bring
timely and clinical expertise to the patient
TeleSlide Patho 5 has been completely redesigned. The web platform hosts more intuitive pathologist
navigation capabilities as well as new and improved functionalities through a complete architecture
overhaul. Concurrent to its development, TeleSlide Patho 5 conducted structured useability testing and
leveraged the professional input of many pathologists and product engineers. This collaborative
development approach has ensured that the web tool is perfectly suited to address the unique needs of a
wide variety of pathologists, technologists and administrators.
“Second opinions are critical for complex cases and optimal treatment decision. Numerous studies have
demonstrated that using a telepathology platform significantly accelerates the response (from weeks to
days) and allows easy exchange between the pathologists involved. As a Product Owner, I am very proud
of the work done by the team to redesign the solution and makes it easy to use and robust to different
scenarios. Getting positive feedback from users along the development process was also very rewarding.”
says Amandine Lorenc.
The new TeleSlide Patho has also integrated high standards of security, traceability, and privacy to face
cybersecurity and patient data threats. The solution is fully compliant with the GDPR and HIPAA regulation.
About Tribun Health: Tribun Health empowers confident decisions. The Paris based, privately held
company addresses a significant, fast-growing, and unmet need for expert end-to-end pathology
department digitalization. Tribun Health is a pioneer in digital pathology workflow solutions with image
acquisition (Macro), image storage/organization, web-based image management system (IMS), image
analysis using AI-powered deep and machine learning algorithms, remote case sharing with peer review
and reporting. Tribun Health’s award-winning core platform, CaloPix, is considered the industry leader
winning the Best in Klas 2022 award for the most successful digital pathology provider in Europe. Tribun
Health’s extensive, decade long expertise drives confidence for laboratories looking for a seamless
transition to a digital pathology platform.

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