TRIBVN Healthcare announces full compatibility of its digital health solutions with Microsoft Azure

TRIBVN Healthcare announces full compatibility of its digital health solutions with Microsoft Azure

TRIBVN Healthcare now offers hybrid or full cloud solutions hosted by Microsoft Azure which can provide scalable infrastructure, cost-effective storage and powerful computational resources. TRIBVN Healthcare now provides robust, on-demand and turn-key solutions to healthcare institutions and pharmaceutical for digital pathology usage via a co-sell agreement with Microsoft.

TRIBVN Healthcare provides software solutions and services for the digital pathology market. Its two main products are CaloPix and TeleSlide. CaloPix is the solution to ensure the digital transition of the pathology department. The software is able to manage hundreds of Tb of imaging data produced by pathology laboratories. It offers an outstanding workstation, complete workflow integration, communication tools and AI capabilities. TeleSlide is used for educational activities in universities and for telemedicine and slide review activities. Both products can now be installed either on prem or in cloud.

“Providing our solutions in Cloud is a game changer” says Jean-François Pomerol, CEO of TRIBVN Healthcare. “It allows fast and scalable deployments, cost effective storage and SaaS pricing options. We are very excited to see high demand from many potential customers and already two installations within few months”.

TRIBVN Healthcare integrates Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Blob Storage and Azure Files in addition to Azure Active Directory as the foundation. Azure has an international footprint with data centers all around the world and offers all required certifications for security like ISO 27001 or for data privacy like compliance with GDPR or HIPAA. Microsoft has also a strong focus in healthcare industry with a dedicated team and was one of the first to receive the French certification for health data management (HDS) back in 2019. TRIBVN Healthcare recently signed an agreement with Microsoft to provide fully managed digital pathology solutions to the laboratories everywhere on earth.

New versions of TRIBVN Healthcare products were designed to take benefit of cloud infrastructure mainly in two ways. First, solutions are able to leverage on the different storage modalities from Hot Files Share to Cold Object Archiving. Such digital slide life cycle management reduces dramatically the cost of long-term archiving while allowing future access and usages. Secondly, it is now possible to run AI on computational capacities and GPU powered by Azure allowing research or clinical algorithms to be trained and run on huge amount of data which was not possible on local workstation.

Romain Quere, DevOps Manager at TRIBVN Healthcare explains: “We have already installed our first customers in a full managed solution hosted by Microsoft Azure: it is easy to install, rapid to validate and secure to maintain. With Azure in 60 regions in the world, we can really scale-up and ensure adequate performance and commitments to end-users.”

Karine Samama, Industry Executive for Health, Microsoft France: “This collaboration with TRIBVN Healthcare provides dedicated infrastructures and solutions that can be tailored to specific medical needs. We are convinced about the value of hosted solutions in Microsoft Azure for the future of cancer research and diagnosis as it allows fast and efficient access to market”.

About TRIBVN Healthcare

TRIBVN Healthcare develops software solutions for digital pathology. Innovative and validated, they allow the management, analysis and sharing of cellular images both for diagnostic laboratories and pharmaceutical & biotech manufacturers.
In the field of image analysis, our solutions are based on the latest innovations in terms of artificial intelligence, notably deep and machine learning algorithms. These tools support physicians and researchers in their diagnostic decision-making and scientific evaluation for the sake of patients.
In the field of sharing, our solutions implement full web tools to support our customers in their telepathology, teaching or multi-centric clinical validation activities.

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