Ultivue and ZEISS to Co-Market Complete Solution for Spatial Phenomics

Figure 1. Tonsil stained with Ultivue’s FixVUE Immuno8 panel and scanned using a ZEISS Axioscan.

Carl Zeiss Microscopy, LLC, has announced that it has entered into an agreement with Ultivue Inc. to co-market Ultivue’s multiplex biomarker assays for tissue phenotyping with the ZEISS Axioscan whole slide imaging system for data acquisition and analysis. The partnership will bring a streamlined solution from tissue preparation to image acquisition and analysis for applications in cancer biology, immunology, and drug development for researchers in academia, biotech, pharma, and CROs.

Ultivue VUE panels for multiplex immune-labeling offer endless options for researchers to characterize complex, tissue immune biology. With unprecedented signal-to-noise and options for pre-designed panels or customized panels, Ultivue solutions are designed to label tissues for in-depth data mining for spatial phenomics. The ZEISS Axioscan automated whole slide imager offers unparalleled fluorescence imaging and resolution of multiplex immuno-labeled samples. Fast and gentle imaging ensures high productivity with little to no sample damage. With this collaboration, Ultivue and ZEISS will offer researchers a faster time to results from tissue labeling to image acquisition through analysis.

“At Ultivue, we have successfully scanned thousands of tissue sections stained with our multiplex assays with the ZEISS Axioscan to serve our biopharma customers. High throughput, quality, and cost-efficiency are key characteristics of a scalable workflow for tissue multiplexing. We are excited to deepen our relationship with ZEISS to further optimize the interplay of Ultivue assays and ZEISS instruments,” said Jacques Corriveau President and CEO of Ultivue.

“Building on our six-year relationship, we are looking forward to a deeper level of collaboration with Ultivue to co-market our complete end-to-end workflow for spatial phenotyping from staining to imaging to analysis,” said Joseph Huff, Head of Marketing North America ZEISS Research Microscopy Solutions.

About Ultivue

Ultivue provides researchers and scientists in translational medicine with multiplex biomarker assays for tissue phenotyping and digital pathology. Its proprietary InSituPlex® technology enables advanced exploration and interrogation of tissue samples for precision medicine research. These highly customizable solutions coupled with our scientific consultative approach strengthen and accelerate biomarker discovery and drug development programs. Learn more at ultivue.com.

Sourced and edited from Ultivue.com

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