WSK Medical, Slide Score, and UMC Utrecht Announce Innovative AI Pipeline Project Funded by Kansen voor West EFRO 2021-2027 Program

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – WSK Medical, Slide Score, and University Medical Center Utrecht (UMCU) are thrilled to announce their collaborative project, funded by the prestigious Kansen voor West grant with support of the European Union. This groundbreaking initiative is set to revolutionize the field of pathology with the development of a fully standardized digital analysis workflow for Ki-67 in a variation of different cancer types.

The tripartite consortium is leveraging their expertise to enhance artificial intelligence (AI) models for a more extensive range of cancers stained with the Ki-67 biomarker. By integrating these advanced AI models with the clinical validation processes of UMC Utrecht’s Pathology department, the project marks a significant leap forward in cancer diagnostics.

UMC Utrecht will implement an AI pipeline that specializes in Ki-67, providing a sophisticated automated tool for the analysis of various cancer types. This integration signifies a new era in pathology, where AI-assisted diagnostics ensure precision, efficiency, and scalability in cancer care.

“We are at the cusp of a major transformation in how we diagnose and understand cancer. Through this collaboration, we are not just advancing technology, but we are also paving the way for better patient outcomes,” says Marius Wellenstein, CEO of WSK Medical.

Jan Hudecek, CEO of Slide Score: “We are excited to expand our current partnerships with WSK Medical and UMC Utrecht with the validation of the innovative AI pipeline on UMC Utrecht’s extensive slide archive. Slide Score is committed to optimizing user experience with image analysis algorithms, and this grant will allow us to further improve the human-AI interaction.”

“Drawing from our extensive expertise in AI validation and development, our pathology department has been a frontrunner in the integration of AI in pathology. This collaboration aims to contribute to the creation of cutting-edge tools for cancer diagnostics, ultimately enhancing the value and precision of diagnostic outcomes for our patients,” says Nikolas Stathonikos, principal investigator AI development & implementation at Pathology department of UMC Utrecht.

The Kansen voor West program has recognized the potential of this consortium to make a significant impact on healthcare. The grant will facilitate the acceleration of the AI pipeline from development to clinical application, ensuring that the benefits of this technology are realized swiftly.

For more information on this exciting development, please contact the consortium’s project leads.

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