Improving Patient Outcomes With A Comprehensive Diagnostic Approach


Utilizing artificial intelligence in conjunction with human insight, Owkin stands at the forefront of discovering and innovating more effective medications at scale. Owkin builds impactful digital pathology diagnostics to directly improve patient outcomes.

AI – The Key To Unlocking Digital Pathology’s Potential


Advancements in machine learning have uncovered previously hidden information within pathology slides, enriching our ability to understand and diagnose with a newfound depth.

AI solutions can support pathologists in daily tasks, screen for predictive biomarkers, and provide insight into patient outcomes to support treatment decision making.

What Sets Owkin Apart?


Owkin’s data expertise is grounded in diverse datasets and a multimodal approach

MSI Model Performance

Owkin’s MSIntuit CRC is the highest-performing and first CE-marked AI model for MSI screening in CRC on the market*

Academic Network

Owkin collaborates with top academic centers across Europe and the US to accelerate research with privacy-enhancing cutting-edge technologies.

A Stand Out Record

Owkin has a track record of publications (30+) in leading scientific peer-reviewed journals (Nature Medicine, Hepatology, JCO etc) and societies (ESMO, ASCO, USCAP)

Recognised & Funded

Owkin leads the PortrAIt consortium funded by French Public Investment Bank to develop AI diagnostics in pathology in France in 30 centers, including the 19 expert oncology centers in France

Pre-screening For Biomarkers To Assess Patient Outcomes


 Owkin is capable of delivering AI Diagnostics that integrate with your digital pathology workflow seamlessly, giving healthcare providers a better picture of a patient’s disease, timely diagnosis, and accurate results. This ultimately means more patients can benefit from precision medicine at an earlier stage of their disease.


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