12 Years of Digital Pathology Innovation and What to Expect Next With Kate Lillard Tunstall, Indica Labs

The Future Landscape of Digital Pathology: Insights from Kate Lillard Tunstall, Indica Labs

What insights can be gained from a 12-year-long digital pathology journey as part of one of the leading tissue image analysis solution providers? A lot has happened in that time and Kate Lillard Tunstall, the Chief Scientific Officer at Indica Labs, shares her vast knowledge and experiences in this podcast episode. With a career spanning over a decade, Kate has witnessed firsthand the transformative shifts in the industry.


The Genesis of Halo:

Kate reminisced about the early days of Indica Labs and the birth of their core product, the Halo platform. Designed with precision and adaptability in mind, Halo has become a beacon in the digital pathology and tissue image analysis landscape. The platform’s name, inspired by the unique halo-like appearance around cells visible during image analysis, showcases Indica Labs’ attention to detail and their connection to the core of pathology.


Services Beyond Software:

Indica Labs isn’t just about software; they offer a plethora of services tailored to the needs of the pharma sector and beyond. Their pharma services team, which has been around the longest, acts as a bridge between product development and real-world application. By serving as an internal customer, this team ensures that Indica Labs’ offerings are not only cutting-edge but also practical and user-friendly.


Embracing the AI Revolution:

The integration of AI into digital pathology was a significant pivot point for Indica Labs. Kate candidly shared her initial skepticism towards AI’s role in pathology. However, witnessing the profound impact of deep learning, especially in tissue classification, turned her into a believer. By 2017, Indica Labs had fully embraced AI, setting itself apart in the industry.


Looking Ahead:

Kate’s vision for the future is a world where digital pathology isn’t the exception but the norm. As more hospitals and health systems go digital, the volume of data will skyrocket. This data surge, combined with the power of AI, promises unprecedented advancements in pathology. Kate also shared lessons from Strata, a project aimed at merging image analysis data with patient data. Spoiler alert – the project was not pursued, but the challenges it faced underscored the importance of innovation adaptability and a deep understanding of customer needs in the world of digital pathology.

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