A New Generation Of Whole Slide Scanners: Faster, Smarter, And More Flexible With Don Van Dyke, Bionovation

Smartphone, smartwatch, smart TV…internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence of things (AIoT) is ubiquitous. But did it already make it into any of the digital pathology devices?

Oh yes! There is a smart whole slide scanner out there.

In this episode, I am talking with Don Van Dyke, the chief business officer of Bionovation Biotech. Bionovation holds a patent to a potentially revolutionary scanning technology powered by AI. Due to the ability of the scanner to predict the 3D architecture of the scanned tissue in the Z-axis the device is able to dynamically adjust camera focus exactly to the surface of the specimen and scan it ca. 70x faster than the classical whole slide scanners.

Not only does it make the scanning faster, but eliminates the necessity of Z-stacking when scanning smears and cytology specimen. What is more, it is now possible to obtain high magnification images (80x and 100x) fast too, which practically removes most of the digital pathology hurdles for hematopathology and cytopathology.

To learn more about Bionovation offer visit: http://www.bionovationimc.com/

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