A simple microscope camera, whole slide scanner and everything in between. The different tiers of digital pathology | Mike Miller, I. Miller Microscopes

Mike Miller, I. Miller Microscopes

A common misconception about digital pathology is that it is synonymous with whole slide imaging and has a high price point. This is not the case, as one can enter the digital pathology world and benefit from what it has to offer with a simple microscope camera. If we would like a more sophisticated solution, but don’t want to get a whole slide scanner or don’t have the use case or business case to justify it, no worries, there is enough to choose from!

In this episode, Mike Miller from I.Miller Microscopes is taking us through all the different levels and price points of digital pathology solutions from a simple microscope camera to a whole slide scanner explaining everything in between.

The digital pathology solutions discussed in this episode include:

  1. Simple microscope camera + imaging software for image capture
    • For teaching and learning
    • For capturing static images
      • presentations
      • publications
      • tumor boards
    • For screen sharing on communication platforms (e.g. zoom, teams, etc.)
  2. Microscope camera with a network port allowing for live streaming
    • For intraoperative evaluation by an on-site or off-site pathologist
      • fine-needle aspirates
      • frozen sections
  3.  Live remote control telepathology system
    1. Live remote control telepathology system with low throughput screening capabilities (aka hybrid system)
      • For use in remote areas without access to pathologists
  4. Whole slide scanners
    • For high throughput digital pathology workflows on formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) material

Listen to the full episode to learn the details and the price points of each solution!

This episode is brought to you by I. Miller Microscopes.

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