Accelerating Custom Design Of AI Image Analysis Algorithms For Drug Development Using Transfer Learning With Sylvain Berlemont, Keen Eye

As a computer scientist, he knew that to make a real impact with image analysis there were only two areas: military and life sciences. Sylvain Berlemont, the founder of Keen Eye chose life sciences and never looked back.

He started consulting for the industry during his biomedical image analysis research work in academia and he quickly saw that regardless of the applications, the questions asked and the problems to be solved were very similar. Patterns started to emerge and the next logical step was to form a service company and offer solutions to those problems.

The service company later turned into a product company and today Keen Eye is a software as a service (SaaS) company leveraging artificial intelligence to design customized deep learning image analysis and computational pathology solutions to support the drug development process.

KeenEye’s SaaS allows the customers to access powerful computing resources and a user-friendly platform from their own PC. The platform hosts the algorithms and enables their deployment in an easy and scalable way.

As KeenEye does not believe in designing “off the shelf” products for the complex image analysis problems of life sciences, the design of the algorithms happens in a customized way and a very close collaboration of pathologists and computer scientists is a key component of the process.

Through such collaboration as well as the development of efficient processes and use of transfer learning, the time required to develop high-quality deep learning models was reduced from several months to a few weeks.

To learn more, visit Keen Eye’s website.

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